hey new girly newbie!

right where to start hmmm well here goes, my name is leighan im 25 years old i ride a gsxr600 love it, its my baby lol!! joined londonbikers to hopefully meet up and make some new friends with like minded bikers. i grew up doing motocross with lots of buddys to ride with,but as we have all grown up sadley im the only person who went on to get a road bike, so dont get out on it as much as i would like to dew to no riding buddys lol hopefully i will try and make the january meet and hook up with you friendly lot!

anyways merry christmas hopefully see you all in the new year, leighann xx

Hi & welcome to LB:) Fancy a ride this evening from the Ace:w00t::smiley:

Hey :slight_smile: welcome the ace is prob the best place to go to meet like minded friendly people check out the ride out forums also and book your self on one of them best way to start :slight_smile:

thank you for the offer of tonight but where i am its snowing and may settle dont really fancy riding in the snow lol plus im running on nearly slicks and could be slippery will get tyers changed over and hopefully see you in the new year!:wink:

yeah the ace is cool been there a few times but never really met anyone i should try not to be so shy and just say hello i guess lol thank you will look at the ride out forums hpefully book myself for one in new year!:slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

hello and welcome

hello and welcome:)
take it that’s your bike in the avatar? if so, :cool:

el0! and welcome

A little more forward than the community would expect from an old bloke:P

Hi I’m a newbie too, met a few of the LB’s at the Borough market meet tonight, great bunch…

I’ll be there on the 4th Jan at the Ace for the Newbie Night…

See ya there…

Hey welcome to LB :smiley:

Welcome…Nice ride :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the mad house. If you keep an eye out for the ‘newbie night’ at the aces. First Monday of each Month I think it is.


hello and thank you!:slight_smile:

hello, thanx!:slight_smile:

thank you to all hopefully catch up with all at the ace merry christmas xx;)