Hey Mr DJ!

Drum roll please…brrrr brrrrr brrrr brrrr

Announcing to you our fantastic DJ with the wheels of steel driving thru the festive madness, fun n frolicks!!! Here goes:

Mr Smiley Smiled!!! :slight_smile:

He has the CV that fills the spaces, dots the i’s and crosses the T’s. Also with his wicked anthem collection this year’s party is gonna be a stonker!!

If you would like to have any special requests then please see the section in music and I am sure our loveable cheeky chappy will be more than happy to accommodate. Please use this section rather than PM’ing Smiled.

Many thanks you lovely people :wink:

how about a bit of pantera? lol :w00t:

Nice one Smiled!


:pinch:Oh Oh


Just be thankful I turned it down. :D:P;):w00t:

Seeing as it’s gonna be Shane spinning the wheels of steel I will happily leave the music play list in his capable hands, you know what I like anyway LOL


cant wait peeps…really cant wait for this…got everything lined up and ready to go:w00t:

keep the requests comming in guys…i’ll do me best to play ya tune on the night…!!

see ya all satarday guys!!


last night a d j shaved my wife…i like that one :hehe:

Excellent news! I kinda guessed from something someone said :wink:

At least I know the music is gonna be good then :cool: