hey all!

hi all,my names russell aka ratty i reside in leyton, east london.

i found this forum for londoners through a mate of mine,corona gixxa or soon to be bladeboy!
thought i’d join up keep abreast on whats going on bike wise in and around london.

i currently ride a scooter…a zip125 that i paid sod all for! its my runaround til i get my test done (good excuse huh? lol) sometime before this summer!(need more power captain!), i used to do a bit of green laning and have rode on a few moto x tracks.

heres to posting!

regards ratty

welcome to lb

Hey Ratty, welcome to LB! Nice looking lid…

Welcome to LB ratty

Welcome aboard


Hi Ratty mate, good to see another scooter rider here.

Welcome to the forum

cheers for the welcome all

i know johnp from another forum,the rest i will get to know i’m sure!

again thanks for the welcome.


everyone comments on the lid…kbc vr-7…in camou!!!

Hello Rattus!

Scooters Rule! OK!

G’day Russell, welcome to LB…

Am on a zip50 at moment… wish i had the extra 75cc’s… lol


hello ratty and welcome!!!

Hi there,

I am also in Leyton. My scooter is not quite as fast as yours but gets me around just the same.

Maybe we’ll bump into each other in Asda!!

take care!

Hi Ratty welcome to the LBs

I live just down the road from you in Chingford


i bet! lol scooters are ok, but not when you push them,they get all wobbly!

you never know we may do! look out for a big 46 on the front of a scooter

hi ya,

i ride through there alot,probably see you about.

thanks for the welcomes once again.

(feel at home face)

My daughter goes to school in Chingford… Joseph Clarke. Poor thing has a school bus collect her at 7.30am and she’s only 6!!

Well it says Kizzy Mobile on the front of my scooter and although its not fast I can get from the Orient football ground to Asda and back!!

Hey my new GP’s surgery is actually INSIDE the West Stand at Leyton Orient. You should see people’s faces when I have to give them my doctor’s address!!!

i know that school, 7.30! damns thats early!

i’ll rember that kizzy,inside the stand? i’ve seen what they have done to it there,had no idea it had GP in there! looks much better round there now tho aye?