Here to take the poking I deserve for joining the site.

Hi All,

Taz here,I thought I’d better get me ass in here and take the proper poking with the stick as I have made a couple of intrusions into other sections of the forum and been given a little prod with a tiny stick by a certain member who I’m sure will get me now I’m in the right place

I have only been signed up a couple of days and I’m still finding me way round the boards,I’m sure I will get the grasp of things soon and put my postings in the right sections…lol

I am a member of the Suzuki Owners Club and own a Blue GSF650 K5 Bandit and don’t live too far from the Famous Blackheath Tea Hut so will probably catch up with some of you up there on ocassions.


P.S Oh while I remember I have put my virtual credit card behind the bar so you can all have a virtual drink on me,Only one each now…Don’t be greedy!!

hi taz. few of us are going over the hut tonight. my wife and myself are over there most nights anyway.

Welcome to LB

Hey Taz, welcome to LB!

Welcome to LB matey, see ya at a rideout, Cubana (wednesdays), Blackheath (Tea Hut Thursdays) or Ace (Fridays or any other night LB’ers feel like going!) - check out the threads for details.

Taz welcome to LB dude

poke poke n SmacK with the newbie crutches

Glass of milk for me thanks

Good morning Taz,

Welcome to LB

poke poke witht the newbie stick



Welcome to LB mate. Think Abbey has done the poking…

hi, welcome to LB. I’m in delightful Dartford, so not far up the A2 from Blackheath.

Hello Taz mate, how’s it hangin’?

Woo hoo, someone newer than me to poke. Take this: nudge, nudge, poke, prod, dig.

You deserved that good pokin for having a bike shinier than mine.

Hi Taz and welcome to the site