This is whats in the pipeline and we need to gauge interest from your response as to exactly what we can and cannot do !!

Myself and Charlie have been talking to Chris Sutton (Aviation Firefighter) and our main point of contact at HEMS and its planned that we are going to put together an Open Day.

We are aiming for the 22nd or the 29th of July at Denham Airfield 4pm.

The day will consist of all who,s interested to meet at the Ace Cafe where we will be met by a Rapid Response Vehicle Hems (Full Equipment) and Members of the Mets Bikesafe Team.

We will the be escorted (Blues and Two,s) over to Denham and take our place in a designated area for our Bikes and then start the ““Party””.

We are planning a Hog Roast, BBQ,S with Music and general Hot and Cold Food and Drinks.

The day will be spent Eating and Drinking and being able to look over the Response Car and Equipment along with watching the Inbound and Outbound flights using the Airfiled, Tours of the Hangers etc.

Charlies Father (Thats Mr Keller to us) is a Qualified Pilot with a Private Pilots Licence and personal interests in Light Aircraft and there maybe possibilitys of groups of Four people taking turns to experience Private Flights for a fee. (small/fuel costs)

Raffles will be abundant with Official HEMS Clothing up for grabs in the way of Flight Jackets, Fleeces, Polo Shirts and T-Shirts and no doubt Charlie will do his norm with a prize of tasty piece of kit he installs !! There will be other well sort after prizes that will be confirmed.

Ive heard a rumour that there just might be a few Aviation Firefighters (no names) stripped down to wash Bikes !!

The main Draw of the day is going to get THREE PEOPLE seated in the Rapid Response Car with Chris Sutton and whisked back to The Royal London Hospital Whitechapel and up to the Helipad where you will no doubt be given a short Tour and a Briefing then…

""You will take up your positions on the Helicopter for Take Off “” !!!

You will leave the Helipad taking a “very gentle” dip down to The Thames and taking the Route of the River and make your way up through London and then “gently” veer off and take your path back to Denham where we will all be waiting to Video and Watch you land and be reunited with Terra Firma.

Sick Bags Supplied !!

We will all then be able to look over the Aircraft and take pictures and get to meet the Fellas that make all this possible !!

Its planned that Adults pay a Ticket Fee (TBA) covering the whole day (ALL INC) Children are free and your familys are more than welcome Bikers or Not !!

So people…this is what Chaz and myself have been up to…there will be other members coming onboard to help make it a day to remember and the more the merrier so if you have something to contribute, no matter how small…please let me know.

The Official post with dates, times and the full details will follow after we have total confirmation from HEMS and the Management of Denham Airfield.

Heres to a FANTASTIC DAY !!!

( This Event is not exclusive to any Bike Site and we will be welcoming Members of other Forums and people that are Bikers or Not, Lots of Kids and Family Members are expected please&nbsp.








ooh sounds amazing… id love to take part in that, especially if there are some hunks there¬ serious though sounds good fun!

I was thinking more nurses!

I’d be well up for this Barro, only problem is dates for me as I am on holiday for both of those, but, understand you can’t re-arrange just for lil ole me.

I rekon it will be a cracking day!

Count me in

Barro ,

count me in geezer , sounds like a top event and sounds good to be able to involve the whole familly

Anything I can do to help out just let me know as I am only 10 minutes from Denham !! ( well , on the bike anyway )



I’m sure a few of the zx10r.co.uk guys will be interested , do you mind if I mention it to them as well ??

Ditto !!

I get first pick Westie

I should be around for this too

Edit: That was a message from Keti!

sounds like a great day count me in:


Anymore think they would like be involved in a day like this ??

Sounds good Not too far away too

Count me n gridgirl in too

Sounds like a plan

sounds good

Brilliant idea will be watching this space for the decided date…

22nd working 12hr Night shift so can’t be out playing during the day

Updated 30/06/07: Bloody shift changes Grrrrr I’m now working 12 hr Day shift on the 29th so that’s me scuppered

Count me & DNA125 in matey!

If you need a hand sorting anything out you know where I am!


looking forward too this also


We are aiming for the 29th people.

is that a defo barro??? the 29th!!!

if u wnt 29th barro u cnt have hog roast…

o i’d luv to cum, i wanna be a hems paramedic so would be really interesting, keep me informed of the dates!!!