help with new toy please

right, me phones fuc…fubard so meh needs something new. cant take out a new contract atm and havnt got an upgrade due soon. so i have £150 or so to spend on a new phone. im after a smartphone, possibly pda style with touchscreen, but thats not so important. im wanting something that compatible with tomtom 6, want something with WiFi, and Windows Mobile 6. Also a 3.2mp camera or better on it.

anyone got any ideas for what to get?


anyone? :slight_smile:

HTC TYTN II or Kaiser (same thing) marketed by different networks under different names. Good phone. May only be a 3MP camera though- if the camera’s what you’re after then it probably isn’t the best phone you can get.

Gps is good- I use it on the bike with Tomtom 7.

i only have £150 and there over £400 :w00t:

Think im gonna take the N80 off my bro lol