Help with my Mille...

Hi there…Bit of cold weather and I’m having some problems…

1)I replaced my battery last year this time with a YTS-14BX as I was told that they provide more cold crank power. I loaded it up and it worked well for a while but less than a year later, she no work too well and generally needs my starter pack to get her going!!! Not good at 5am… And before anyone mentions that I need to keep an optimiser connected, it’s difficult as my lady lives outside and I don’t have an outside power sorce… Would it be worth while looking at YTS-14BZ battery or any other solutions battery wise???

2)On roll over running up to traffic lights/round-abouts etc, she back-fires and with my after market twin-port can, I’ve nearly killed a few old folk as it sounds like gun fire… What would cause this???

3)When waiting to pull off, if I don’t keep the revs up, she sometimes stalls… Nearly causing a severe rear-ending by the vehicles behind me…:w00t: Any suggestions as to what this might be???

Looking forward to some informative replies…

Thanks many muches,


Apart from Bad riding? lmao, big lumps tend to not like pulling off quickly from the lights - lots of engine to crank, and torque to lay down.

You could look at going to 15t on the front sprocket - really good/cheap upgrade - smooths out the slow speed, and lightens the load on the engine when you pull off.

But, having aftermarket cans, have you had your fueling looked at? Which engine map are you on?

Speak to Matt, he’s got a wealth of knowledge with these bikes.


  1. Are you doing short journeys? If so, maybe you’re not riding for long enough for the battery to recover…and the Mille draws a lot of juice to get it going! :w00t:

  2. Pops on the over-run is quite normal if you’ve got a free-flowing can fitted. It’s just unburnt fuel igniting in the exhaust. However, if you’re unsure, go to an Aprilia specialist who can ensure it’s on the correct fuel mapping. :wink:

  3. Are you suggesting a tickover problem? If so, you will need to have it diagnosed by an Aprilia specialist. If you’re stalling it whilst pulling away, then you’re either not giving it enough gas, not slipping the clutch enough, or possibly both…so stop riding it like a wuss. :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as going to 15t on the front, it definitely spaces the gear better for road use, although it didn’t make it pull away any easier…the Mille’s got so much low down grunt, fast get aways are a doddle. :hehe: