Help with English to find a tool!

What the f do you call the pliers that are 90 degree angled with a fine nose yet open up when you squeeze the handlebars…

Been trying to find some as matt once showed me a nifty trick using them to service the calipers and I wanted to buy a pair!

Surprisingly with the description above haven’t had much luck yet! :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean these?

Oh except you need to look for the 90 degree angle nose ones.

Exterior circlip pliers? Like these?

Those look like the ones! :slight_smile:

@Kaos - those also look similar but I need them to open up when you apply pressure to the grips…

External/Exterior circlip pliers :wink:

+1 with Furrybiker, great bit of kit

Strictly speaking they are bent external circlip pliers, but what the heck, the guy in Halfords wont know what you’re talking about anyway. Take a picture with you!

I went one step further… checked stock online and reserved. :smiley:

I’ve actually taken a product in with me to Halfords and they swore they had none and miraculously after browsing for something completely different, I found it!


Ok one last help with english… I need to buy a flanged nut. The bit on my KTM that broke was held on by a flanged nut that went around the bit (complex story)… anyhoo the ones on there had a nut that seemed to have what was like a longer washer (i.e. the nut covered more area). All I can find are ones that have a very narrow berth… Any suggestions what to search for?

Ta! :slight_smile:

hahahahaha, fork handles! :laugh:

Oldguy reckons flanged nuts are the work of the devil…a standard nut and a washer would work (he’d say ‘better’ here)

well I have a feeling it was the washer that gave out on the last one…

Wrong washer.

I’m not sure what your after but I bought one off nuts and bolts for my GPz off this site.

O.k. Enough of being glib. In lots of/most cases those “flanged nuts” are just an excuse for the manufacturers to save, hmm, a penny or two on the assembly costs of a bike.

But sometimes, just sometimes, they are the right bit of kit.* Those times you have to swallow your pride and go buy the cursed thing under the OEM part number.

(I just wish they’d stop making them out of recycled Dinky toys.)