HELP required from the lad's on LB!


damn, last night i must of spent like 2 hours talking stuff through with one of these (women!), & this evening, after all that, i feel i might just have to go over it all over-again!.

now look here!, it’s friday, it’s the feckin’ weekend, i got 4 days off! - so like **** am I doing that tonight or next week for that matter-never again!..:pinch::smiley:

is there anyone that can work these things out?.
what do you do?.
damn shattering!.


thank you.


off hire her :smiley:

Have you tried the manual re-inflation method?:smiley:

Bunch of flowers. Sad but true. :cool:

must of been in the air…me and my ol lady were almost fist fighting last night…:w00t:.managed to sort it in the end…thank god…

is there anyone who dont wanna have a fight with me latley?:crying:




I think the weather is making everyone crazy … I’m alright though… I was mad before the hot weather came:)

If it’s small and not worth it, flowers also works.

If she kicking up a real fuss, tell her your off to your mates for the weekend.

Anyway, relationships, really, are they really worth it???

JUMP ON YA BIKE AND FUG OFF! :wink: works for me:D

Distance is the key. When they go wonky like that, distance is the answer. Staying to “work it out” will only make things worse. Pull the plug and run like hell. Come back when they’ve stabilised and be nice to 'em, it ain’t perfect but it’s the best one can do in the circs.

Yep me an all:D although at the mo have to hop on someone elses bike!:w00t:

I think you’ll find the answer here

Smiled i didn`t know your into that sort of sexual games with fists.:wink:

Yep, personally I rather drink a beer with you or head out for a ride. Fighting isn’t really in me. Anyway if we fight I won’t be able to steal a bit of your good luck. :wink:

You should all know by now, If its got wheels or tits it’s going to be a problem sooner or later :D:D


… and not to mention expensive :hehe:

dawww fanks guys…daawwww:rolleyes:


Your Welcome Shane, and as for the OP question you should know by know that woman are completely alien. :alien:

The Woman - Man translation dictionary doesn’t exist simply because no one understands them. They are a complete mystery, so don’t try and understand them!:wink:

When no means yes and yes means no until you get into an argument how the hell are you supposed to win???.