Help please..

Hi all…

The attached picture is the blow up for the ZX9R Gear shifter area I’m currenlty replacing (thank you pikey thieving scum)
However, am a little confused by this diagram.

The items looped in red I have purchased already.

The axle (part no. 13161) is sticking out of the bike fine and the collar (92143A) and spring (92145) are in the Royal Mail Post Mountain on their way to me…

HOWEVER… 2 questions:

  1. Where is the divide between inside and outside of the engine casing… is that where the axle is cut through with the wavy line?
  2. What are the 4 floating parts above the area discussed… (Part nos. 92144, 13236, 92143 and 92150)
    Do I need to get them as well and if so, where do they fit? Or are they parts of the internal mechanism…? My concern is, have the little pricks pulled something through, leaving those parts there, but loose and floating around inside my engine case…?

Can anyone help make this area a little clearer for me… ? Thanks.

If u click on the link i gave u to bikebandit and scroll down it has a table with the names &part numbers to that schematic :wink:

Yeah, I got that, but its the same picture with the same names I’ve got already… it doesn’t tell me where those parts fit relative to the gear shift axle…
I don’t need the names, I need to know where those bits fit? Hence the original post where I wanted someone who had a fully functional 9 to come round, so I could see how it should look… these schematics are great but taken out of context, they don’t help … so we’re back to square 1 with this post… can anyone explain to me where these bits go? And are they inside the engine casing or external… ? Keep up Pan :wink:

Riiight… :ermm: in that case thats as faras i can help sorry

All good fella, thanks for the find of those schematics though. They’re great, but can you see how those 4 floaty bits aren’t connected to anywhere specific… I kinda need to know where they’re meant to fit to know whether I have to order them or not…

Cheers for the help though.


All you need is what you’ve ordered within the red circle.

Everything else on the schematic is internal.:smiley:

2 questions puppy…after first thanking you for the info… ta :wink:

  1. How can you tell from the schematic what’s internal and what isn’t…ie is there some unwritten rule to understand it that I just don’t know?
  2. The collar and spring on the gear axle… its not in the red loop… but I have ordered… but are they internal too… ?



  1. You can’t, it’s just common sense coming from an engineering/toolmaking background.

  2. As for the end of the gear selector rod, the only part that is needed externally is the spline for the shorter of the external gear selector arm. The bit that looks like a hoola hoop (the collar) is the selector rod support bush. If all the delicate bits that are shown in the schematic were external then it would be almost impossible not to damage them at some point with a clumsy boot. Also they need a clean and oil supplied environment to work in.

(nearly) all the parts not circled are internal. The gear-change shaft passes through the gearbox to the other (clutch) side and all the ‘floating’ parts are tucked behind the clutch.
Dont worry, you have ordered all you need.

If it is anything like the ZX6R then the collar (92143A) part is external and I think you were wise to order it ;)From what I remember, the you are right about where the internal/external but is, the wavy line. However I cannot help you with the most important bit, the 4 floaty bits… :slight_smile:

You guys rock…

This isn’t really Londbikers…this is the Londonpedia Britannica of all things Bike

Cheers for all your help, :slight_smile: