Help needed.

I know it sounds trivial but has anybody held onto a copy of MCN dated wednesday 8th of august 2007?

If yes could I knick it please.

Meet at Borough market wednesday evening!!

PM sent

PM returned…

Still looking if anybody has got one… Must have the trader section!!


I only put it out for the bin man this morning.

Wish you had said earlier

Oh nuts!!

I’ve got one which your welcome to, infact i’ve got loads of bike mags that i’ve not quite finished reading and have began hoarding them

Not sure about getting to the BMM tonight though.

I’ve just found mine in the rucksack,fully intend to be at BM tonight,will bring it if still needed

Please… I will be there about 7.30pm

navy VFR800 same lid as the avater.

Many thanks.