Help needed to fit knew chain

I recently changed my sprockets and chain on my R1, I connected the chain with the master link and used the chain tool to secure (LOL) the link. I test rode it near my garage and the chain flew off! I have since been sent a new master link by EK and need to try again. I obviously didnt do it right the first time SO if any friendly LBers are close to Bermondsey OR Borough Market (5 mins from me) I would really apretiate some one doing it for me who has replaced a chain before. :smiley:

When joining the chain, you should have joined the ends using the master link, fitted the side plate/washers, pressed the side plate into place then then burred the end of the rivets on the master link.
Did you do all of these steps ?

Thanks for the reply, I didnt bur the ends, what is bur and how do u do it? :slight_smile:

Hit them with a punch and hammer to roll the pin onto the plate

Ok, I’m going to go do it now. Barry you said wack it with a sledge hammer, right? :smiley:

It’s always best to use the correct tools, you wouldn’t want your chain coming off and locking the back wheel, be worth purchasing one for now and the future :slight_smile:
I have one of these.