Help needed folks re bike sale

Hello all,

I desperately need to sell my Hornet before I go to Afghanistan in Sept. Have had lots of interest in the bike and questions about it, but no def offers yet. It’s on the London Bikers, the Box Hill Forum and the KTM Forum, plus a mate of mine is putting it on e bay next week for me.

I’m looking at 2 grand, which is a bargain, as it’s an 05 model and have done lots to it. If I can’t get 2 grand, will go to £1,900. I can’t keep it when am in Afghanistan as have nowhere really to store it, plus I need to pay my credit card bill off.

Can you ask your mates / friends if anyone wants a great, reliable Hornet CB600F?



Why not stick it on

All good people on there!

Also try advertising on

If I can find the original post listing all the specs, picture etc. I can stick it on the `for sale’ site used by Bloomberg users. It’s used by a bunch of city boys and full of astons and porches, but there’s the odd motorbike. In any case can’t do any harm.

Done. The company uberlords have to approve the advert. I just cut and pasted only your description of the bike and £2000 asking price. I put my contact details on the system (didn’t want to run the liberty of mentioneing LB or your good self). Any enquiries I can pass on to you. Hope that’s not too forward.


Bought my V-Max through a Gumtree ad.

I sold my R6 to the first enquirer that came via biketrader.

Also put it on visordown.

Put an online ad on :wink:

If you want to go on and need to be a member, let me have the advert and I’ll pop it up there for you.


All this help is much appreciated and I will follow your leads.

Garret, Marklid, 7wheel, Shewolf, Ricky and Choprocker cheers all for your tips on websites / forums

After this post I could poss have a sale, a mate of a mate from the KTM Forum called me today expressing a very keen interest in the bike. Fingers crossed.

Alistair thanks so much for doing this for me, you are a star.

Zeus - ditto - thanks mate - the ad is on the classified ads, the bike section under London Bikers.


Will let you know if I have a sale too following this helpful info

It’s up on the Hornet site. I’ll let you know if there is any interest. Likewise, let me know if you sell it in the meantime!

If you really need to sell it, then biketrader is as good as anywhere. But if you want to keep it I could possibly help with storage, pm me if interested

SOLD THIS EVENING!!!:w00t::w00t:

Guy gave me £100 deposit and will collect end Aug /start Sept!! The poor man had suffered with his own bike being stolen recently :frowning:

THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP, also Zeus, cheers for putting the ad in, that was very kind of you and Alistair too. You guys have been really helpful, so remind me to buy you all a drink at a BM meet b4 I go.

Be gutted to say farewell to it, but am pleased it’s going to someone who likes it and will look after it.

Thanks again folks - you are stars



Duh! Just read your previous - and I’m not surprised it’s gone, I think everyone agreed last night that it’s a beauty.

It is indeed a beauty and all you folks who assisted me on this forum will be remembered for your kindnesses in trying to help me sell it!!

But am GUTTED to say goodbye to it, hopefully the person I sold it to will sell it back in a year when I get home again!!