Help needed again Jack Daniels

Ok now I’m after a 70cl bottle with the below in the neck. Should be easier to get than my last ask.

If you see one again please grab it and I’ll collect or you may already have one which I’ll happily replace.


Does it need to be full? I’ll keep my eyes open

Yes please, I have an empty one (pictured)…

This was released through September so hopefully couple of small shops might still have one lying around.

Hie quickly will this thread turn into a discussion about single malt vs bourbon…

By the way, I have some interesting shot glasses (I have about 200 but 2 are Jack Daniels) at my brother’s flat… I haven’t decided yet but I may start selling/ giving them.

One is shaped like a boot and another the other is black with gold writing.

Lol they nicked my last thread pretty quickly!!

Always interested in new items so make me first on your list if you want to clear some room…

Yes please, I have an empty one (pictured)...

This was released through September so hopefully couple of small shops might still have one lying around.

The Sleeper
Will this be like the toy train set James May won at auction? Left in its box and unplayed with for 40 odd years, until May got his wrinkle paws on it.

I have a JD poker set in the garage - a bit dusty but nothing a quick wipe wouldn’t cure I don’t think.

Happy to pass it on in exchange for a small donation to charity if we can arrange a convenient place/time (and if you actually want it obviously).

I’ll try and upload a picture later if you’re interested

cheers guys. 

Monkimark - love to see the pics see if it is something I dont have.

NT - no I will not open it. I’ve been collecting so long now that all thoughts of wanting to open them have well and truly left the building.

couple of miniatures, couple of shot glasses, pack of cards & some b&w chips. Tin is still sealed so all the bits will be there.

If you’re interested, I’ll clean it up a bit over the weekend and send some better pictures, I think I’ve moved house with it twice so it’s about time it went.

Is it time to start discussing Islay single malt yet?


I went browsing after the last thread and ended up with a bottle of gentlemen jack. I was watching daredevil and they are in a bar supping on some kind of whiskey. But I always go back to beer or red wine. I want to like whiskey though.

If you want to get into whiskey or bourbon, try making an Old Fashioned (or order it next time you are in a place that know how to make cocktails). 

Just takes the edge off a bit but, if made properly, you can still taste the liquor.

I do like an Old Fashioned, have a load of orange peel in the freezer for exactly that purpose.

Try an Irish whisky, I found them a lot more palatable than anything Scottish I’ve tried. 

Scotch has got a bit of a “I’ll have the hottest curry you do” thing going on, where the sucking-off-a-barbecue aspect is a bit fetishized and you end up with these crazy whiskies that are like drinking a housefire. There’s loads of really good, really drinkable scotches that still have a bunch of smokey peatey goodness, though.

Jura’s really drinkable if you like the idea of those flavours but don’t want them tearing your throat out, it’s basically designed for persuading people who don’t think they like scotch that they do really. It’s about £25/bottle I think.

And, yeah, Jameson or Bushmills are the normally-available Irishes. Irish whiskeys generally have no peaty/smokey ‘goodness’ so the flavour’s almost entirely determined by the beer they begin with and the casks they mature in - it’s all much more subtle, so a better bet if you want a whsikey you don’t have to taste, or one you have to think about to taste. I think there’s only three Irish distilleries actually producing whiskey at the moment, but I can’t remember the third.

OI you lot stole my last thread!

not this time…

it’s too late

Haha, I did have a look for one in Morrisons yesterday, but they didn’t have any. 

OI you lot stole my last thread!
not this time..
The Sleeper
Hahaha and I didn't even notice I had moved it on either... it just comes naturally when you talk about whiskey

Guys went on a hunt this evening pleased to say I’ve found a bottle which is now in my possession.

Thanks for all the help. And do let me know if you find any JD that I might be interested in…