Help Needed: Adding 2018 events

The Ride-outs and Events category needs a little TLC. Someone is needed to create posts for upcoming 2018 events. Could someone help please?

The new forum has the ability to record event dates (start and finish) as well as location. Adding theses pieces of information to a post in this category results in a calendar being populated and a map being populated. I would like to see the 2018 events added with this information.

As an example I’ve created a post for the next BSB round.

It’d be nice if we could cover off any UK BSB, WSB and MotoGP rounds plus other events that people can attend such as festivals, shows, etc. The objective is to give people ideas for things they go to :slight_smile:

Please note, when adding locations you have to get it to “Find address” and then select a result for it to actually show up as a linked location in the map, category listings, etc. Just entering the location info alone without “Find Address” won’t link the location.

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Can you make it default to UK and London for location and time?

Also that event I just created needed all 3 fields entered to find address and it still couldn’t find it.

We can’t change the default country, no, frustratingly.

I found I had to tweak the address details to get it to find the location, but found it eventually.

Oh, that address seems problematic. Even Google Maps is having trouble with it.

Oh, I’ve worked it out, we now have The United Kingdom as the default country. Also fixed the date format on the category index pages.

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