HELP ME !!!!

Diablo Corsa,s Front and Rear Fitted…£225 …is that good or bad as its the only place that can fit me in before the France trip Saturday !!!..and they only got one pair left !!!

anybody out there ???..Andrew ?..Charly?..Chuffster ??..

Its not exactly cheap but then they are not cheap tyres. Time is pressing for you mate. Either ring around or go for it. You will not be dissapointed with the rubber.

try essential rubber they are the cheapest i know! they are in hackney just off kingsland road
type their name in google and go to link for their number

Done…Essential Rubber…

got there to late for the last set of Corsa,s…so got the Vipers at £195 Fitted…

get this bit…

he put the bike on a stand that went in through the crash bung holders…the actual bung was on the floor and got kicked…

"“little scuff”…

off he goes and comes back with a complete new set and fits em ““free”” !!!

Glad you got it sorted. Let me know how you get on with the Vipers, sound a tad hard for my liking but I would like to hear opinions on them.

I will do Chuffster…take it easy for a bit …approx 60 miles and then I,ll get out there and go for it and try to get this hang up I got sorted…big shout to ya on the help and advice …again !!!

You’l like the vipers Barro. Warm up real quick( read as qicker than corsers) and grip well. Had em on my750 srad. Only knew of one person that moaned about them. He said that they got “all gummy” and felt like chewing gum. Don’t all tyres feel like that when you’re a nutcase on a ZX10!


Forgot to say that if you get a puncture within the first millimetre( or is it 3mill?)You can go back to essential tyres and get a replacement tyre! great eh