Guys ,

I am in a quandry !!!

Some of you will know already but I am well known for changing my bike more often than I change my undies !! I am hoping to change this !

Please help me decide on a long term ride !!Just to help , I have narrowed it down to a choice of 2

1/ Suzuki GSXR1000 ( 02/52 ) done 10k miles with a few sensible mods ( undertray and Yoshi can )

2/ Kawasaki ZX636R B1 H ( 04/04 ) done 7k miles ( mint and entirely standard )

PLEASE PLEASE help me as my wife is about to divorce me if I make the wrong choice and change again !!!

Cheers all in anticipation

What was wrong with the last one?

Kwak makes you kwakers, and are tempermental.

id go with the GSXR. all the way baby.

plus you have the power, dont need to change because of that, always YAMAHA and SUZUKI, never KAWASAKI or HONDA!!!..

MacP ,

Nothing really just bored !! Went from a Mille on a 51 plate ( which I couldn’t get on with ! ) to an XJR1300 . Now fed up with not having a sports bike !!

Any suggestions ?

636 sharper looking bike…

BORED…!..BORED…! think yourself lucky you get a choice

I like the Mille - it’s on my to look at list but it is a bit top heavy I suppose!

Pained as I am to say it (as there are far to many Gixers on the streets of London - and I know it just means they are a great bike but…) Head says Gixer heart says Kwak. But if you get the Gixer try a different colour option - I like the classic blue but the yellow is nice too as is the black - just to be different!

Ask Chuffster for the gen on the Kwak though he knows 'em inside and out!

And that’s coming from a GSXR lover ???

Bloody good bike but I just didn’t get the " twin thing " !!!

Will try and get some ideas from Chufster tonight if he gets up to Cubana .

Cheers ,


Value for money the GSXR 1000 K2 will do the job, be rapid n sexy.

But the 636 that year is an awesome looking bike having not ridden one that where my opnion lies…especially in blue…gorgeous…has rave reviews but then so does the gsxr…plus im not ready for a thou!!

Pick the one you liked best, or preferred on the test ride…simple. Choosing for looks IMO is for posers.

Nobody else can make a choice for you. Of course you’ll guess from my username that I’m biased.

GG ,

not particularly chosing on looks , just looking for " educated " feedback or things to look out for !

Apparently , the ZX6’s around that year get a bit of a " slap on " ? Anyone experienced this ??

Cheers buddy ,