HELP..!! Dancing to Boney m!!!!!!


just cleaning the house and ive got Boney M on full chatt!!!


even the Fkin dogs dancing!!!:smiley:



This is even beyond Jetstream’s ability to cope with or comprehend:)

I’ve got VA Vintage Groves Dance Mixes Vol 1 playing on the computer :cool:

I had a similar experience with ‘Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep’ by Middle of the Road (1971) a few months ago. I’m still in therapy. . .


god im in a real weird mood…swingin my pelvis and in a right boogie…lolol

dig that disco yeaaa!!!


Good but this brings it all back

Get yourself on camera :wink:

That Rasputin song was played at the Alton Towers fireworks display in 2005. Was absolutely hilarious with the weird video thing they had playing and all my mates singing it for weeks afterwards :laugh:

Mind you don’t give yourself a black eye Shane;):D:D

Chill out you lot! You need a bit of this:

(and your dog might like it?)

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Smiled go into a very dark room and lie down for a while, coming out with that sort of stuff.

Perfect antidote to Boney M (I know mate… I’ve been to that dark place):smiley:

You could listen to the master, teacher of many and still mind blowing to me.

By the rivers of Babylon motherfuçker!!:smiley:

You’re dancing to Boney M AND cleaning??!! :w00t:

When you coming over to mine? lol :smiley:

Im more concerned about the fact that your cleaning the house!!! Wheres smiled - what you done with him??? :w00t: