Help, I'm all new to this

Hello all, I’ve just signed in, and after having a little nose around, this seems like a really cool site, lots of interesting stuff to read and look at, I only hope I’m able to add a little something in time, I’m looking forward to maybe seeing some of you out on the road, if we ever get a break in the weather :crying: feel free to drop me a line say hi, or what ever else comes to mind, until then, be safe and keep having fun.


hello Nozza

what bike have you got?? tonight is BM so you can meet someone


Hi, i’ve got an R1, if you look at my profile you can see it, how do i get it so it shows under my name on this page?,

you can put it as signature


I saw the photo of your bike, very very nice


As you’ve guessed, I’m not the best at this new tec stuff lol, but I think i’ve cracked this bit, it’s nice to no all the work i’ve had done is liked, if only by some, thanks

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hello and welcome to LB

Hi and welcome to LB:D

howdo and welcome :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome, drop me a note if you are up for a blast in Kent any weekends