Help finding an IKEA bracket

Anyone with a bit more nous can help me find this bracket for an IKEA shelving unit, or something similar? It’s to help fix an Enetri to the wall and IKEA don’t have it in stock. I’m sure it must be available somewhere? Has two little grooves to hold the ‘beams’ of the frame

The one in the middle in the below

Bit of scrap metal, a drill, two metal extra drill bits and a hammer should do the job.

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I’m trying to avoid doing a Mian…


looked in my box of ikea leftovers but i dont have anything like that

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How far apart are the grooves? I may have something similar in the garage

About 5cm. I’ve taken a photo of the bit it covers.

Imagine the bracket shitting on the frame as you see it (each ‘rod’ or groove is about 8cm) and holds the screw in place that goes into the wall

I ain’t imagining a bracket shitting on a frame you pervert :laughing:

Will have a look in the garage tomorrow but I think the one I have is a bit smaller

Google top hat brackets see what comes up …

Would 2 radiator brackets work ?

Oh dear, I think I was still drunk after sitting in the garden with a beer and a BBQ (just me and my wife - social distancing and all that)

Top hat, radiator brackets - will take a look but have a feeling they may be too big. Want it to look discrete if possible.

Will have another trawl in toolbox to see if I have a spacer wide enough that I can also paint white

might not help, but I thought you could actually get the bits themselves from IKEA could be wrong, know they used to do it. Not going to help if you cannot get there I guess though.

Just get a couple of white P-clips & put one on each pipe

That link’s just for reference, you can get them delivered on ebay.

Yeah I did contact them,they have all the other bits I need for this, but not this bracket. Apparently they don’t use it on anything else so it’s not likely to be back in stock anytime soon

Have all my brackets for bookcases and wardrobes

That might do the trick!

Will look into it to find right size! Thanks

I may have this - let me get back to you this afternoon if I can find it. I had something similar come with an Ikea lillangen cabinet, but I opted to cut a hole in the back and use a different fitting. If these are the same I can send them on to you