Hi guys,

I need to get a new helmet, I have currently a nitro which has been great but just seen this one on the net at less than half price anyone used this.



best thing to do is to go to infintys or j&s at new malden and try some on, see which ones you like and what fits you best and then have a look around on the net to see if you can get it cheaper.

Only Arai or Shoei for me.

What Danno said is spot on and exactly what we do.

Go for the best you can afford. I still find it amazing that people spend thousands on their bike, then spent £80 to protect their head!

i agree with jools…i dont understand that either

go for wat fits properly and u can afford and make sure it has the eu no on the straps aswell as the back

safety first!! vanity second!!!

cos if you aint got the helmet you aint got the face!!!

Im the same i only wear Arai or Shoei now. Ive had Nolan which was quite good and a Roof which was crap. If you can afford it stick to the best.

beware if you go to j&s and think about an arai and see one cheaper then everywere else. they are grey imports as it were, normally one’s not destend for the uk market so the warrentary and parts wont be accesable. that is half of what you pay for an arai.

i just thought id let u know

I NEVER by from J&S, as it`s all grey import stuff.

I only wear Arai

I only wear Arai even on the Scoot

i wear agv ,ive had two,ther ok .that one looks the dogs

I’m sure helmet threads have been here before, or was that in the adult section ???

I use an FM helmet, has a good safety rating and is relatively inexpensive at £100. The best thing to do is read helmet reviews, as yes, Shoei and Arai helmets whilst generally perform well in tests, are expensive. While you should go for the best that you can afford, similar safety and performance can be purchased for less.

But the saying buy the best that you can afford, is always the best policy.

arai for me ! god bless R&G’s


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Thanks guys,

I shall spend some time this weekend trying some helmets

Sony, if you are at the Ace on Friday you can try a few on there. My Arai is a medium and if it fits you can try it on.

Used to have Arai, but the quality is nothing to AGV, the lining was bad fit on the arai, side cheeks fell out etc, was so disappointed with it, even took it in for a ‘service’ and the guy said it was poor. The AGV hi-tech I got is the most comfortable and quietest i ever had.

I wear a Shoei because I like the fit and I find the XR relatively quiet to the other two lids I’ve owned (KBC and AGV).

I didn’t like my KBC - it’s heavy and not very comfy on my head. But they’ve had some good reviews, and I doubt there’s much wrong with AGV as Rossi races in one (fairly sure he wouldn’t if he didn’t have confidence in em?)

IMVHO one should buy a reputable brand helmet from a reputable and trustworthy dealer.

Comfort is so important, too.

I had a Roof Boxer, very good helmet but proved uncomfortable for me.

I still own a Shoei Syncrotec bought from H-G; again, it’s good but not very comfortable.

My current favourite is a Nolan N102 Classic N-Com bought from my scooter dealer in whom I have great trust (and he gives me discounts!); it’s very comfortable for me and I can wear it for hours at a time.

I also have a Nolan N 41 Classic, bought from the same source and equally as comfortable.

My favourite of all time was an AGV X3000 which I used for racing but that’s a long time ago!

OMHG the bike looks scary, I hope you ok.

well i swear by HJC, they used to always be branded as a budget helmet but i dont think so anymore, i have 3 of these, the top quality lid they do is the HQ1 mine, if any of you have seen is the pure carbon fibre lid, very comfy. and i also have 2 cs-12 helmets again very good quality and very comfy too

The main thing is one that fits correctly, a £100 helmet which fits properly is far better than a £400 lid that dont