Helmets, (no, really)

After 14 or 15 AGV’s the last being a Rossi Titech, I have changed to an Arai RX7.

I have always been very loyal to a brand that has served me well but…

I was tempted by the colour, perfect match to my bikes scheme etc and now wonder why I never tried Arai before as it is superb.

My question is, are you brand loyal.

I’ll go with whatever’s best, though Arai have the fit, and shape I love, so I can’t imagine changing to be honest! Arai are amazing. You get what you pay for.

Yeah, got the feeling Ive been missing out for quite a while

I went for the RX7 as it is just simple fantastic also after all the stories of how good Arias after sales service is I thought I couldn’t go wrong!

I have had 4 Arai helmets, always the top ones, Corsair etc in the last two years. I have had trouble with each of them. Side pods snapping off, too much noise (although not being able to fit behind my DB screen does not help, straps fraying and replacement visors not fitting to the point they have opened when doing a life saver.

In reverse to Bonus, I have gone to an AGV Ti-Tech and so far love it.

It goes to show, each to their own. I did like the Arai fit though, once I got in on.

Arai all the way for me, can’t beat them.

Im an Arai head me ( bolt head ) Shoei heads are for ( mushroom heads ) as my mate says.

Arai for me as well. Have crashed in a few and they have done the job for me. They fit my head perfectly. Last time out, crashed in the Shoei which I feel did not fit as well as the Arai, it misted up lots, the Arai does not. Ok, so I had a very high speed impact with the tarmac but the Shoei cracked through in 2 places, did its job but the amount of damage sustained was worrying.

I’ve got a couple of Arai’s and I wouldn’t change. The fit is great and they are so comfotable. I’ve tried Shoei, but my chin comes below the bottom of the lid.

I have also tries a Schuberth S1, which was mega comfortable and fitted like a glove. I will consider one when it’s time for a new lid.


“Side pods snapping off”

Yep, thats happened to my Arai. And who mentioned their after-sales “service”?? Been waiting over 5 months for a replacement side pod. Been told that it should arrive around mid Jan '06. Back in september they said October. Not holding breath.

That said, I do love the perfect fit and shape of my arai lid.

I have had Arais for around eight years now and I have only ever had one issue, no fault of the helmet either. Hit a bird at 120 on the Nurburgring and it smashed the side pod and cracked the visor. On return to England I went into Hein Gericke and picked up spare pods for not a lot of money.

Borrowed an Arai for a test ride once, and it wasn’t for me, they do say that your head is either an Arai or Shoei shape. Had a Schuberth S1 that was v comfy and quiet, but you have to come to terms with the fact you look a dick with the black insert flipped down

I really like the arai tour lids, but they don’t fit me. So I’ll be sticking to my excellent X-spirit

I’ve not owned anything but Arai since 1988, I’m sure others are as good but Arai, I really trust them since I had a big accident in 1996 at Cadwell (I never made 3rd place or got the plastic trophy “I was sure if I gave it just a little more gas …”) and hit that deck at 110+ mph. It tore the crap out of the lid but it stayed intact. It still hangs in my garage as a reminder … there’s a lesson - 4th place is better than the evening in an operating theatre !! : )

shoei man - xr1000 (couldn’t afford the x-spirit!)

Got a Caberg at the moment, came out as one of the best Helmets in the MSN tests the year before last when I bought it, and it was half the price of the “better” helmets which performed at best as good.