Helmet locker

Interesting idea, though security issues on how easy it might to pop the lock open.

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I’ve missed something, why not an old school type locker?

A fully enclosed locker will be more secure and more versatile for other items and I’m not just thinking gloves.

This is helmet locker not helmet and visor locker :wink:
Free visors :slight_smile: Cool!


It’s not enclosed so security-type people can check it’s not a suspicious exploding helmet.

Free helmet paint jobs too! Hope you didnt want to keep the bluetooth headset adapter either…
I don’t think I would want to keep my helmet in something like this.
Cynical or realistic - you be the judge.

Agree with RolandJ

Doesn’t really make sense though, would be pretty easy to replace the polystyrene lining of a lid with a few kilos of explosives, or just put a dark visor on it & fill the whole helmet.