Helmet Designs

I’ve been looking at the new lid designes and haven’t been able to find a desing I like on a lid I want.

I’ve decided to go the custom sprayjob route so have just bought myself an RX7 to get done. Problem is I’m stuck for design ideas (typical accountant huh, lol)

Obviously a Wolf has to feature somewhere, but I don’t want it to be a nasty looking wolf or a cartoon one. Sooooooooo, any ideas for me.

This would scare the hell out of anyone:



id google for ‘Wolf tatoo’ :wink:


Are you after anything in particular Sherie? - ignore that. I’m ill!

Or it could look cool with a load of foot prints. Either of these could be made out of vinyl stickers.

also look at american pro & college sports helmets (football,baseball)





ah, that dude scares me too!!

I know I want a black base, perferably with a bit of subtle sparkle in it like most new lids have. I like the grey wolf, seen some nic pics of that and I want a splash of red, maybe some gold???

I don’t want anything to busy , but not too plain either. I like these lids and wolf pics (hmm, red x’s on my screen so hope th epics work!):

oooh, i’m liking your wolf Terry

hmmm, how do I make my pics work!!

The tribal one? Could have it in gold leaf on a black lid. Or go subtle and have a mat black lid with a gloss black wolf?

Here’s a few.





even personalise it with your name?

I think the name should be on it too, but shortened to She Woolf of course!!

The helmet will be striped then aribrushed with the new design rather than stickers on a plain lid (I’ve already bought one with a pattern on it that was in the sale, lol).

Terry, can I pinch your tribal wolf as I really do like that?

I think a phrase in Welsh might be nice too, something catchy…

I’d need something else too, if that wolf was at the back, I’d need something on the sides. Or maybe have that tribal wolf on each side, stenciled in siler/gold, phrase and name at the back the just need something for the front and a backround…

Nice one guys, Terry, don’t you do things like this for as living? Do you do private jobs too?

Yeah kind of, we can make the design in vinyl stickers and see how long they last (still depends on the curves of the lid - airbrush might be better), usually a while. I’ve had the doglondon stuff on my simpson for over a year. Only cost me £40 for the vinyl to be made up. I got it from peach design. Let me know what you want to do and I’ll get some artwork together.

Not sure if these are any good

lovely pics DLC :slight_smile: I like a lot of them! The tribal one just pips them though :cool:

hi mate i hope your getting someone good todo it ive had a custom helmet done as you know i would only have rich art concepts do this kind of work as he is the best in the game remember you get what you pay for mate

How about this



Or this