you may have just read my “newbie” message, thanks for looking btw, just wanted to get involved in the the real deal, how are you finding the roads, if they can call them roads, in London i struggle on my hornet with the pot holes and massive disrepair of certain parts of the London roads, i.e. piccadilly circus just before you hit haymarket, you need a motocross bike to safely pass that bit of road!

Get out and about on local country roads and enjoy a nice hoon to let off frustration! :smiley:

trust me, i ride to Mersea Island nearly every weekend, my family have a caravan on the island, its a great ride, i see the triumph club there regularly riding up and down not that i know any of them but they look great,.

There are bad roads everywhere, in cities and out in the country…but there are also a LOT of nice ones! :smiley:

Please tell me where the nice ones are!

Depends on where you live.

The A4494 Newbury to Wantage is lovely! :smiley: But there are loads of nice roads…just gotta look for them.

wooooho, no, im an essex boy/man. rykas cafe box hill is a good meet, great food and great people and great bikes!!

Been there a few times and pretty good. Lived in Horley for 6 weeks a couple of years ago so spent some time riding the local roads. :smiley:

If you know boxhill then head down the A24 onto the A272 and follow down to the Devils Dyke near Brighton.

Or essex way head out to Finchingfield or Burnham.

Maybe you could join the guys on the BCR (Breakfast Club Run) on a sunday morning, check out the Rideout/Meets section for details.