Just put a post in the cruiser forum but thought I should also be polite and say hi here too.

I’m based near Woking in Surrey completed my DAS towards the end of last year and been riding an old BMW F650. Looking to move to a cruiser now (its my age) and possibly start commuting into London as getting more and more fed up with the trains.


Welcome Chris

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

The trains are a pain in the arse, literally…and the back…and the head and pretty much anywhere else people bash and prod you…

Welcome Seajay

What’s the SP on the old F650


The F650 has served its purpose. Its a 1996 single cylinder engine version, some call them Funduro’s I think but it don’t say that on the log book. I got it off eBay from someone local to me as straight after my test I just wanted anything cheap to ride and this was an easy buy. The guy selling it actually only lived 1 road away from me. Its kept me riding but is a bit old and really needs someone who loves these bikes and wants to work on it. Hasn’t let me down once so far (apart from failing its MOT but £390 sorted that out) but I just really only interested in riding at the moment and not the mechanics side of things. It lives outside (under a cover) and oiling the chain I find a pain in the @rse. I did think about getting the cruiser and just using this as a commuter but I would worry with its age that it would let me down going that distance at some point. I also don’t like the gearing on it. In 1st its jerky like a bag of frogs and you really have to get in 2nd past about 15mph but in 2nd if you go below 20mph it will pull but it shakes like crap. People say Harley Dynas shake a lot at idle but that’s nothing to this in 2nd at low speed. Maybe its an experience thing and I’ll get better with it over time but when I rode the Fat Bob I felt more comfortable and in control at slow speeds and I could leave that bike in first right past 30mph and roll on and off the throttle smoothly.

So will it be for sale?

Yes, already is - on eBay, auction ends Sunday. You interested then? Hope I’m not contravening any forums rules here…

Its normal for members here who sell on ebay to post a ‘check out my junk’ thread :wink:

Its canary yellow

Hi Chris & welcome :slight_smile:

Yep you found it. Are you one of tbe bidders then?