Hello LB

I have ridden motorbikes scince 2009. did my CBT at get bike (think they told me about here and I never joined). Past test a few years ago.
current ride is a Sinnis trackstar. which has thus far not been stolen or fallen apart. better than my previous bikes.


Welcome, where abouts are you?

I am out in the distant western wilds of Middlesex :slight_smile:

Hi & welcome :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome.


Hi welcome.

Errrr Get Bike, such bad memories:w00t:

Welcome, there are a few of us around Watford so not so distant.

Welcome to LB, you aren’t too far from the ace, newbie night in a couple of weeks (first Monday of the month)
Get yourself down there :slight_smile:

The scooter arm of LB is also based in Watford :w00t:

hi and welcome

Ah, west is best Sable, I’m M’sex too. :wink:

Welcome to LB!!!