My name is Chris, i own a company called StuntFighters, we are a small independant shop run by myself and my lovely partner Victoria.

We are stockists of RST clothing, AGV, , Schuberth, Arai, Dainese and many others, we are also the official distributors of Bandit Helmets, the ultimate streetfighters helmet.

We have a website that will be going live before the end of July, www.stuntfighters.co.uk, , we can take orders by email or by phone at the minute if you cant wait for the website.

You can follow us on FaceBook, just search for StuntFighters. We are having a grand opening on the 25th August were we will have one of the countries top stunt riders and also a wheelie machine so come along and see how long you can keep it up for.

Hi and welcome.



Welcome to LB

Where is the grand opening?

Hopefully this will be a good relationship rather than another spammer (Im not saying you are).

But the name has sold it to me already…

Will you be doing a BBQ at this grand opening :wink:

It is all fun and games but get your website sorted before you ask to look at it.


Guess what they did say it would up and running before
end of July… Still has time! Evil you have money burning holes in pocket !
Just teasing!

:laugh: I wish…



Bear with me, its just me, myself and i doing everything.

Hi and welcome :smiley:

The opening is on the 25th August, no BBQ but there will be a catering van and an Ice cream van there if that helps.

Where ?

Hi Guys,
Quick update, the website is now live, www.stuntfighters.co.uk still got a few issues that need ironing out so if you find any please let me know and i will deal with them too.
More stuff will be added so if there is anything you dont see on there again let me know.

But where is the opening?