Probably should’ve popped in here first to say hello.


Not so new to bikes, a little about me …

I started riding motorcycles at the tender age of 14, by 16 I had progressed onto Honda 750 4’s and could be seen riding around town on anything from 50cc Cubs up to the 750cc 4’s. Don’t jump to any conclusions it was all legal.

My current ride (although it’s off the road at the moment) is an 865cc Bonneville SE. A birthday present from the wife who tells me her three main buying decisions were:
It’s pillion friendly, she’s been on the back twice now.
It looks like a proper bike, she likes the retro styling.
It’s not made in the USA, she dislikes all things American.


Hi Art

Looks like you may be as old as I …welcome in:D

There are a few greybeards on here most of us doing Victor Meldrew impersonations…:wink:

Why is the Bonnie under wraps? Something wrong or are you wintering it?

Honda 750 4 … takes me back!:wink:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi welcome to LB:D

Thanks for the welcomes …

The Bonnie is off the road due to a bump with a BMW.

Was filtering at the time when BMW driver thought I shouldn’t be. First estimate is in at £4,000.00. although I was only doing about 10-15mph the BMW seems to have ran right over the Bonnie.

Missed me though, just had a little swelling and bruising to left knee all healed up now, not even a limp.

Hi Art & Welcome To London Bikers :slight_smile: