Hi there.

My mates have been riding bikes and I always wanted to. Just done my cbt and I’m buying a Honda CBR 125 to get some practice before hopefully doing my direct access.

I’m living in West London and I wasn’t overly impressed with the guys I did my CBT with. Does anyone know any good bike training companies? I’ve seen lots around but I could do with some first hand knowledge of some.

Would appreciate any advice. I would love to come to a night in the Ace Cafe but I think I’ll wait until I’ve a) got a larger bike and b) know how to ride it.



I did mine with Metropolis. Did the 5 day course and thought they were very good. On my way to work the other noticed that they have now upgraded their big bikes from CB500 to the new XJ6’s.

Nothing but praise for PassMasters (near Ruislip) from me.

Hi and welcome aboard.

There’s plenty of people with small bikes at the Ace. And plenty who can’t ride either! :w00t:

Just come down and enjoy - that’s what it all about.

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Get Bike in Ealing, Passmasters in Ruislip or Elite in Wembley are all usually recommended by people

I went passmasters in ruislip and tbh i really wasnt impressed. admittedly i dont believe i should have been allowed to pass my cbt i was terrible on the road lol. East-side riders are ment to be amazing but in east london, though i believe they have set up a west side riders.

Come down to the ace regardless of bike or skill, its all about the people :cool:

oh an welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi cheers for the advice,

I’ll check those guys out. I might come down for the newbies night as well the next time it’s on.
I could do with the advice and guidance as I’m new to all this.

Thanks again.


I went to the Ace on a 125 and I can’t ride for sh!t :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I don’t know why more small-bore bikes don’t turn up at The Ace. If it has two wheels and a motor it’s ok by me …