Hi - I am a new member, pleased to find London Bikers. I live in Essex, have ridden for fun since 90s and have recently started to commute into the City by bike. Hoping to pick up a few tips from more experienced riders, offer my two-pence worth from time to time and maybe join a few rides / meets. Have had a look around and read some interesting threads. N

Hey Neillo, welcome to LB :slight_smile: what are you riding?

Hi & Welcome!


Welcome, another Essex rider to add to our Towie massive :slight_smile:

Big up’s the SX massive!!

Which way do you ride A12/13, bike?

Hi thanks for replies. As of next week, an NC750S DCT. On test ride it was great round town so will be interesting to see how it and I cope with 70 miles a day.

Question for Essex people here please? I work in Broadgate area, and currently coming in on A12 to Bow roundabout then along A11 to Aldgate, and cross Bishopsgate. The leg from Bow to Bishopsgate is really slow due to road works which don’t look like finishing any time soon -is the A106 / Cambridge Heath Road / A1208 any better at the moment? Thanks, N

I dare say it would be quicker to come off the A12 at the Old Ford exit then get onto Roman Road and go all the way through Bethnal Green to Shoreditch where you can meet Broadgate. Pretty much a straight line from Roman Road to Shoreditch. Worth a try at least.

Morning Jay - thank you. Had a much better ride in today, 1 hour to parked and locked from Great Baddow.

Old Ford is the way B2R does that route
I used to come off at the Westfield junction A106 then onto Cambridge heath road & then onto hackney road

Welcome, That section is likely to be like that til the end of the year as far as i’m aware as it is a rolling roadworks so it will gradually work its way all the way down till it meets up in the Middle with the other end coming up from mile end