Hello, who wants a shandy?


Thought I’d finally register here. Jay kindly posts some great photos on the forum i am a member of ( www.sportsbiker.net ) and I have never got round to registering here.

I’ve lined up some drinks at the bar for you all - but as you all should be riding your bikes (I dont care if it is winter) then I am afraid they are shandys. But being from London I hear that’s all you drink anyway :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Hello & Welcome :smiley:

I am not on the bike until sunday so I’ll have a proper drink please :wink:

Hello and welcome D6

Where ya from and what’s your ride?

I’ll have a Turbo Shandy please;):smiley:

Ok fair enough. :smiley:

Sorry - forgot to say I am actually from the midlands/staffordshire (Norton Canes, near Cannock)

oops, yeah sorry bike - Triumph Daytona 600 (D6) yellow with union jack cowling.

Hey fella :slight_smile: Welcome aboard. Shandy? I’m tee-total don’t you know :slight_smile:

Welcome, mine’s a JD please…:slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Thanks for the welcomes. My only worry now is that I spent enough work time posting on sportsbiker already - I’m gonna get no work done now that I am here too!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

So -do you do meets at other venues around the country? I haven’t had a good look around the site and threads yet (I am actually supposed to be working right now!!!)

The clue is in the name Londonbikers;)

Saying that, we have members all over the world inclucing the States and Italy.

TerryMoto actually comes from a different planet:D

Welcome to the site mate :slight_smile: you aint even a proper northerner :DAnd take no notice of Chunks, he’s the village idiot forum inbred ;):slight_smile:

I hear anything north of Watford is a northerner to peeps from London.

No I’m a midlander, and damn ashamed proud of it. :w00t:

I know its London bikers - and thats where you meet, but I also noticed the large membership numbers and figured it must have grown outside the London boundries by now.

We do meets and are trying to organise a group trackday for the sportsbkier.net members - and I thought it would be good idea to try and meet at the same time as any of your non-London meets if you did do any.

Welcome to LB D6 :wink:

Not a problem fella, you are welcome to join us at any time, we even have people able to translate and all sorts. Garret can even offer you english lessons as a second language:)You never know, there may be a few LBers up at Donny during the season so you could touch base with them:)

Hello and welcome to LB Mate. and as i’m clubbing tonight i’ll have a rum and coke :smiley:

welcome to LB! Dont forget to check the rideouts and meets section for all the latest!:slight_smile:

Shandy! are yooz callin me a poof… pint of Guinness ta muchly.


and his ‘bike’ has four wheels an a sunroof

Guinness, Guinness extra cold or Guinness Red?

Personally I like them all. :smiley:

At least the red gives you sommet decent to drink in the clubs, and not that lager shite.

Just the regular stuff mate. The cold makes the glass sweat. A double port goes down nice with it too :hehe: