Hello people! Another newbie here!

Helo everyone,I have been lurking around for a while, and I must say this is a great website!

I just got my Aprilia Atlantic 500 (I know, not a REAL bike, but its a starting point!).

Have been ridding for about 12 years (on and off) but never before in London (must say I am a bit worried, but hey I should be fine right?).

I suppose thats all for now, I know I will be using this site a lot, and hope to be able to offer advise as well (as opposed to only receiving)!

Thank you for having me, and I am now off to search the forums for helmets, clothing, security, etc!!!


Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hi and welcome aboard mate :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome aboard.
There`s nothing wrong in riding a maxi-scooter, i love them.

hello, hello and welcome…

Take it steady riding in London, Ive been riding for seven years…
and London has taught me more in 6 months than any of that, road safe skills, defensive riding skills, and quick draw fooook you finger skills :wink:

Hello again, and thanks for your welcome!My main riding will be on the A1 as I work in Hatfield and live in Harrow, and maybe the occasional visit in central London.

I am sure riding in London will teach me a lot! It did for my car driving. However, being from Greece, I must say car driving is much much much better and safer here compared to Greece. I think the opposite applies for bikes simply because people here dont seem very aware of them. In Greece you expect a motorcycle to appear out of nowhere simply because so many move around, and your actions usually (not always) take the existence of bikes into account. This is not the case in London, and I find that people drive around as if only cars (and those - sometimes - annoying bicycles) are on the streets…

So, I read the newbies meet at the Ace Cafe? This is so cool, I am definately joining the next meet!

Take care,


Welcome aboard :wink:

Hi, how you doing? Welcome, take a seat and 2 sugars please :smiley:


Hello and welcome to LB :smiley: