Hello - newbie seeks Varadero CBT

Hi all,

I’m new to the site and back in the UK after a couple of years overseas. I need to do a CBT, then am keen to get a Varadero with an eye to steadily moving up. I did my first CBT in 2006 so obv. I need to do it again. Does anybody know a training school that does CBT with their own Varaderos? I’d like to start as I mean to go on you see.

Thanks all

If you want to take a CBT on your own Varadero, any school will accommodate that as long as you can get it to the school without riding it there yourself and you have the Insurance, MoT and tax documents.

If you want to use a school Varadero, you might have to do a bit of searching around. Sorry, but I wasn’t sure what you were getting at in your post…

I know Get Bike in Northfield had Varadero’s, but that was a while ago and I don’t know if they still do…

Hi and Welcome to LB :smiley:
Not many schools use varaderos for cbt, they are expensive if they go down.
As Iggy says you may have to shop around.

If you are looking to go on to Das and have enough experience on a manaul bike and old enough I’ii be happy to put you on a das bike for your cbt ;):slight_smile:

welcome to LB

Hi and welcome :smiley: What sort of are will you be looking at, there’s a few I’ve seen recommended on here so it might be worth a search :slight_smile:

Sorry all, I didn’t make it that clear.

I am hoping to find a school that supplies a Varadero to do a CBT. I currently don’t have anything.

My experience: CBT in 2006 on automatic followed by riding a 50cc (6months) then a 125 (2 years) around London - both automatic.
Manual bike experience: I learnt on dirt bikes in countries with very little in the way of law. Not a great deal of manual experience on a well ordered road! Was hoping to do manual CBT and then kind of ease into it. Sound like a good idea?

@mctlondon.co.uk - thanks. I’m planning on getting a full licence hopefully in the coming months but can’t really afford to do everything in one go right now. I thought steady learning with a ‘big’ 125cc would help.

Thanks all

Hi and welcome.


yep the varadero’s are defo big, you wont find a massive difference weight wise when you step up to das :slight_smile:

I rented a Varadero for a week before doing my DAS, it made a huge difference. I even took it on a Jetstream rideout (and I certainly wasn’t the slowest bike there! :slight_smile:

The company I rented it from, GetBike, also do CBT and other training - it’s where I did my CBT. I wouldn’t recommend them personally, but if you do want to do it on a Varadero then I don’t think there’s any harm in asking. Just explain that you haven’t ridden manual for a while, you’re planning to do your DAS, and you want to do the CBT on a bigger bike.

Although personally if I were you I’d take Terry up on his offer and do the CBT on one of his big bikes…

hello everybody

Thanks all - Terry, is that your place at Osterley? I’m going to book to get along to you on Friday. Can I pay cash on the day?

Thanks all

yes we are in osterley and sorry but we dont take cash…you can book via phone or on our website :wink:

done - see you tomorrow.


Nice to meet Ste_barret, was good to get you on the 500, done well mate :cool:

Thanks Terry - really enjoyed it. You guys make a great team. I’ll be back for my DAS when time and money allow!