Hello, munkeyboi in NW london sayin Howdy

Hiya guys,

Decided to join this london biker forum as im in london and ride a bike.

So hows you all doing?

Im David, 27 in NW london. Got a tzr 125 and looking to get my flatmates CB600F off him when i do my test.

My tzr is sick at the moment. Leaking coolant from somewhere but can’t see from where. Very annoying as i can’t ride it.

Anyways, im hopin to find help, laughs and mates on this forum, so hope all goes well

Take it easy


Welcome Aboard…

Where in NW London…I,ll take a look at the Bike for you.

Hi there and welcome. Hope your bike gets sorted, I recently passed and the CBR 600F is a brill 1st bike :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome from one Monkey to another:)

Hiya and welcome! Chunky-yer’ve got another Monkey mate!

hi and welcome

SAme here - and welcome;)

Thanks for the hello guys. :smiley:

Much appreciated.

I’m in Edgware, NW london Barro, dunno how close that is to yourself.

Hey chunky my hairy simian friend :smiley:

Will post a pic or two if me bike later :smiley:

elloo monkey how are ya welocme to lb

welcome munkey

We’ll have no monkey business here :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome aboard :wink: