Hello Kitty VFR

ahhh cute bike…

right side

left side



and rider…

wait for it.



OMG i love it! :smiley: I want mine done as Sponge Bob :smiley: But i will be disowned if i do :frowning:

The bike and the biker are not related. The bike is from Singapore and the biker clearly isn’t.
I think the biker’s pic is photoshoped.

mordeth13 is white and lives in taiwan :stuck_out_tongue:

mabe it is mordeth13 :stuck_out_tongue:

I seriously love that VFR purrrrr!

doesn’t the vfr have a dual front disk?

and four stroke (you can see the rebound chamber in the first picture)

This is a Honda NSR SP RR 150 cc. Very popular newbie bike in Singapore.

oooo dear

Is his name Daniel? As that is what is written in Japanese Katakana on the right hand side?



All the abuse will be worth it when someone knocks him off.

“what do you meeean you didnt see me… F#'king look at me!”


cracking set of leathers dude.

I wonder what his lid looks like :w00t::smiley:

oh btw the chain is so loose it’s grinning at ya :smiley:

I am not sure this is what Soichiro Honda meant when he said live the dream…

The only thing worse than that is this…