Hello Guys

Hi everyone, saw some of your bikes at the Ace and thought I`d find out more about you! I live in North London and love bikes and bikimg.

Hello and welcome. :smiley: Was the Ace good I have never been there but would like to one day. I understand its the place to go. Did you like it?

welcome Chainlube

what do you drive?


Hi Em

nice to hear from you.

Drive? I ride an old Cb500 but hopeing to get something better and faster soon. what about you ?

Hi Nif, yea, the Ace is OK if you like sausage sarnies and old Ford Anglias. No its not always like that. Maybe see you their soon?

GSX R 600 K7, and I do not need anything faster :w00t::w00t:


hello and welcome!! :D:D:D

Hi and welcome aboard.


Welcome to LB :wink:

Welcome to LB Lube hope you enjoy your stay.

hi and welcome:D