Hello from Watford Newbie!

Hi All,

New to the forum.

Little bit about me.Live in Bushey,Herts.Ride a CBR600FS-2 to and from work in EC3 daily.Been on a few other forums(SuperBikeForum for one)but they are mainly for Northern riders.None of my close chums are bikers so here i am.Lets talk and ride bikes!!!



Hello and welcome to LB mate

Hi and welcome

Hiya CityCBR

Welcome to LB

poke poke with the newbie stick



Hi and welcome to LB mate. Plenty of bike chat on here, even from members around the world.

Hey CityCBR, welcome to LB! You’ll find lots of good chat about the biking world here Post up a picture of your ride in the Pictures forum for us! Hope to see you at our meet tonight, Cubana, details in main forum.

put some clothes on mate!!

welcome to LB

There are plenty girls on site, so don’t listen to grumpy Si.

Welcome mate

Thanks all for the welcome,Thought i would be a bit controversial with a torso shot!Will put bike pics

Welcome - and hello from Hemel


I rode past the Bushey Practice the other say

Bushey Practice???Am i being slow…

Welcome mate.

As you’ve found out they’re a top bunch as well as a bit bonkers !

CityCBR… Hi and welcome to LB…