Hello from South West London

Hi all,

I am based in south west London, riding this Street Triple R which I very recently acquired, yey! Used to ride an SV650 until last year which I loved as it never gave me any issues despite receiving some abuse.

I was raised around motorbikes as my dad used to and now still races motocross (I do prefer road to dirt though). I would love to join you lot for some road trips over the weekends or even to arrange track days. I am keen to take my new baby to the track to see what joys it holds.

Thank you for accepting me and looking forward to get to know more of you over the next few months.:crazy_face:


Hey welcome Street. That’s a beautiful bike you have there.

There are a great bunch of riders on this forum. I hope you get plenty of rides in during the summer.


Welcome to LB

Hey @StreetIIIR, welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Great choice in bike. Always fancies a Triumph myself. Not got round to one yet. Perhaps next time.

Welcome aboard Street.

nice bike
triumph triples are the best

Ah cheers for the warm welcome guys!

Anyone planning Silverstone track days this year ? Weather seems to be a bigger gamble than ever in 2019 :…

Buy a pair of wets, you won’t regret it, and you’ll never worry about rain again! :slight_smile:

Some of the best trackdays I’ve ever had have been when it’s pissing down on wets.

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Bike looks awesome :sunglasses:. Welcome!

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