Hello from Bexleyheath

Just a quick line to say hello to all at LB.

Hi Mate,


hello and welcome…:smiley:

hello and welcome

Hi and welcome aboard. Who are you and what do you ride.

Thank you for all the welcomes.

I’m an oldie, use my bikes for the daily commute, Blackwell and upto Old Street everyday. Unfortunately seems like most of my old crowd have given up the social side of riding. I bought a Aprilia Pegaso Factory for the daily trip back in Feb, but that went down the road Saturday, closely followed by me, or was it the other way. (That was why I was on the forums and therefore registered). The Peg was to replace my 06 DRZ SM which somehow has remained in the fold. So back on that until I know the status with the Peg. And I have old faithful my RRX Fireblade, just cannot seem to part with that.
Hopefully can start to ride socially a bit more and maybe share some knowledge as I get my bikes sorted again.

hi and welcome to lb


Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hi welcome to lb (from crayford) :smiley:

Hello from me and welcome.:slight_smile:

Hello, I’m in Chislehurst just down the road from Bexleyheath!
Just joined the site myself!

Hi. Just joined myself, i live in upper belvedere. Seems like a great little community. Hope to see you on some ride-outs. :smiley:

welcome m8 im from Eltham


Hello, from Plumstead :smiley:

Evening and welcome occasion14. Sorry to hear about the Peg’ hope all ends well:cool: