Hello fellow two wheels fans

First of all hi and greetings to all.

Few words of introduction.
Mike is my name, 26 is the age and I’m new to LB and biking. I’ve passed my DAS end of October this year. Was thinking and talking about doing my license for the past 10 years. Could never get myself to do it. Then I crossed ways with a bargain V plate Suzi SV650S. When I say bargain I mean £600. Sounds suspicious I know, but I knew the guy that sold it to me. He basically misplaced his passion for biking somewhere and left the bike for about 2 years. Then I picked it up, gave it some attention and TLC and it came to life again (rather loud life thanks to Racing M4 can). Had it in my garden mid September, booked my tests, passed, MoTd it and booked my DAS. By the end of Oct I was done. Couldn’t believe how easy it was.

So with the introductions done, I’m hoping to find here folks to ride with, exchange info about bikes and stuff and have some two-wheels (but not only) related fun. I ride in all weather conditions, including snow. I live in Hackney and commute using main roads only, and on days when I look outside and see white, I just check traffic cams online on my route and if it looks decent off I go.

As I have nothing to do on Xmas eve I was wondering if there are any other members of LB that put their bike ahead of turkey and feasting. At the end of the day you just eat, get heavier, and then put unnecessary stress on your shocks ;).

So, please let me know if there is anything planned over Xmas and I’ll be more than happy to participate.

Take care all.


Welcome to LB, Mike, and congrats for passing the test and getting the SV back on the road.

There is a rideout planned for Boxing Day.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome fellow Hackey’er :smiley: Dont we just live in the best borough :wink:
Im always up for a ride but you may have to wait another month due to my wrist still healing :smiley:

Yes Hackney is the best indeed. :slight_smile:

Awww what happened to your wrist? I haven’t been on a bike 4 days now (sinner!!) coz I got something that feels like carpal tunnel syndrome. But I’m taking it for a spin today. See how it goes.

So, ready when you are Miss :slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Hi welcome to LB,


Congarts too

Hi Mike & Welcome To London Bikers.