Hello all...

Brand new here and just wanted to say hi!

Riding a red daytona 675 and living around the mitcham area. So regular visitor to Rykas at box hill. Anyone ever fancying a ride out. Give me a shout.

Seems like a great forum, with a good bunch.


Welcome to the forum mate…

Admins… I guess this thread should be moved to the Newbies area!

Hi and welcome and give more attention to put thread in correct section.


nice bike.

well done, first post and already got told. took me longer than that, i think you’ll fit right in :smiley: :smiley:

the forum police has officially given you a warning, next time you’ll get 3 points and a ticket or a speed awareness course, run by myself.


Moved to the newbies area – welcome to LB!

To lead speed awareness course you have to be AWARE of your speed :P. It won’t be you Alba.


whatcha talking about,

so far my speed awareness rideouts have been proven most popular. always guaranteed to make you grin from ear to ear :smiley:


Fabulous choice of 'bike, that man ;).

It’s definitely a purdier machine that the latest one.

Points taken, apologies. :slight_smile:

take the points, take the points :laugh::laugh: Welcome