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Hello everybody,

I’m a new biker and I’m commuting to London doing about a 100 mile round trip every day. I need a little advice and hope you guys can help… Tyre scrubbing, I’ve got new tyres on the bike and to be honest it’s a bit nerve wrecking going through corners. How can I break them in without breaking my neck?

Also any cornering advice would be much appreciated!! I am improving but I think a little advice would be very welcome!

Catch up with you soon!

Hi Bonehead and welcome to the site mate.

If you post up this question in say - question and answers - I should imagine you’ll
get some more views and answers.
Good luck.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hiya Bonehead, welcome to LB.

Take it easy for the first hundred miles, is advice I’m sure you’ve already heard from the place that sold you the tyres.

The way to improve your cornering is to go do some.
Sounds obvious, but if there is a stretch of road that you have enjoyed because of the bends, go up and down it a couple of times. It’s a great way to scrub in yer tyres too.
This is a great site to find a ride-out to go on. You will learn watching and riding with others.
I am new to the site myself, have found everyone very friendly.

See you on the road,

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

What you riding?

As for you question, well, this thread didn’t start as a Q&A, but it contains some good info:




Hello and welcome


Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to LB :slight_smile: 100 mile round trip journey, youll have them tyres nicely scrubbed in in no time. Just take it easy first couple of times.