hello all

Hi my names Dean proberbly one of the younger members of the forum being 20. Im from the potters bar area. Looking forward to coming to a few meets and ride outs when the weather get a bit warmer. i have an 2006 Fiat replica R6. Have a merry Christmas.

Welcome to LB mate and merry christmas:D

Hi and welcome aboard.

hello mate and welcome :slight_smile:

welcome to LB


Thanks guys, your alot friendlier than the peeps over at the r6 forum:P

Hi Dean mate, I am from Potters bar as well! If you ever fancy a ride out let me know.

The GS Rider

welcome. I’m also 20 :stuck_out_tongue:

hi and welcome dean

Welcome from Potters Bar too :cool:

Hi and Welcome!

Oooh Potters Bar?.. Werlcome to the madhouse and hope to see you at one of our N.London/Herts meets soon:cool:

Welcome to LB! :smiley:

Hiya mate, i think i’ve seen you about round enfield b4, im from edmonton hope to see ya around

nice one mate. I am looking for someone or a group of peeps with preferably sportsbikes to go riding with when the weather gets warmer.:slight_smile:

my 250 keeps up with pretty r6’s :wink: