Hello All, Newbie here, bit of advice please


Just wanted to say hi to everyone on here. Hope you are all well?

I’m pretty new to biking, Im planning to get my first bike at the weekend!! Whoop

Would you mind giving me a bit of advice?

I’m planning on getting a second hand Van Van at the weekend (if it’s not been sold already). It’s from a private seller and if I buy the bike I will have to ride it back to South London from Sutton. I’ve had a few quotes for insurance and was wondering if I can just ring up on the day and they will insure it there and then? And will I have to register the bike with me on the day?

Thank you very much

Essentially, yes.

In order to ride legally the bike must have an MOT (unless it is under 3 years old), you must have road tax and you must have insurance.
Road tax no longer transfers with the sale of the bike- you have to pay for it online.
Insurance is mandatory but 3rd party is fine.

Thanks James

Thanks for the heads up on the road tax I was unaware of that.

No wuckas.

With insurers you should be able to call them, tell them all your and bike details (including the number plate if you have it) and get amreference number. Then, when the bike is yours, call them up and say you’d like to accept the quote and tell them the reference.

With everything else, as James said. I’m pretty sure running an HPI check would be good too. Others will know more about this than me though.

hire a cheapo van & throw the bike in the back
welcome btw


I’m with the van idea. It will give you plenty of time to sort out tax insurance etc. (rather than doing it in a hurry outside some strangers house) and as its your first bike a bit of time to calm down before going out on it.

I’d also say don’t get too focused on this one bike. Take your time to make sure everything is okay with it, I’m sure others on here can give you a good checklist to go through.

Exciting times enjoy!

There is nothing stopping you from doing the insurance quotes from home before you go.
You don’t have to accept any of them- then just use an iPad or a smart phone to process the quote you are happiest with.


I don’t have a drivers licence so the van thing is out really. I will have to ride it home. I’ve got my quotes already on the insurance. All pretty much the same.

If I’m not totally happy with the bike I won’t buy it. I’ve seen a few and not bought as they have not been in great condition.

So I guess I will need sort the tax out there and then if I’m happy with the bike.

Really appreciate your comments

Last time I bought a bike privately I did a deal with the previous owner, she rode it over to mine and I gave her a lift to The OMC.

If you still look in here thanks Sarah (crosses fingers hoping I’ve remembered her name correctly)

Or, as others have said yes you can do the Insurance on line and on the phone. You can also do the road tax online or on the phone too inter webby didgeridoo dah here

If its over three years old it will need a current MOT certificate, if it is over three years and it hasn’t got a current MOT then walk away.

Hola and Welcome

just ask the previous owner not to cancel tax etc till next day or you are home

I did the same when I bought my car - insurance done online in about 40 minutes, including shopping around. If you do the legwork beforehand then it’s even easier/quicker.

There’s a 24hr phone line for road tax too, you don’t need to be the registered keeper to do any of that - just need the V5 as I think there’s a reference No.on the change of owner bit.

Also, thanks for reminding me that I need to renew the tax on the car after I dumped the reminder in a pile of crap in the kitchen :smiley: