Held Reactor Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans

I have a pair of held reactor kevlar motorcycle jeans size 32
I have only put these on once for 5mins a few times and decided I don’t feel compfortable in them
I’ve washed them a few times to see if they would change there few but to no avail
I’ve been sorting out my wardrobe and decided to get rid of these jeans
They come with armour in the knees and hips
They cost me just over £100
I don’t want any money for them but I would like you to make a donation to GOH

I can bring the, into London with me ( Holborn) or you can collect them from Maldon
Pm me to arrange

Great Ormond Street Hospital is a good cause

Just measured the inside leg and it’s 34 inches
And for the eagle eyed the logo isn’t on the left pocket as I removed it
It was paint printed on and looked cheap


are they a big 32 or a small 32?

I’ve been looking at a pair for a while but i’m a 34 but might fit into a big 32

There a loose 32
Daft Ader is over mine on Saturday 
Ill give them to him so he can bring them into work for you to try
I’m not at work this week so it can’t be any sooner

No hurry mate,

He told me you were setting up some spot lights on his SV interested to see how that pans out as I would like a set…

I have modded some of the cheap ones
1- to take away the phasing on the lighting options
2 - to get a better beam pattern
Including the bar mounted switch cost less than £20