Held.de Arese Gortex

What a load of ****!

6 months after purchase, riding through Peckham when it starts tipping it down. As I was riding, I could feel the water running down my leg. (Yes, it WAS water ;-P) got to work, feet soaked. Getting changed, found my iPhone soaked! Not happy.

Tried to get through to held and found I had to ring Germany which I didn’t fancy doing. Called infinity who I bought them from and they told me to wash them and take them to their store with proof of purchase and I’d get them back after 6-8 weeks. They said its not their problem that I would be without protection for weeks.

1 Water damaged iPhone.
1 pair of trousers that need replacing
1 pissed off Columbo.

Ok but the iphone is not really their problem… very very few external pockets are 100% waterproof!

**** waiting 6-8 weeks - take 'em back for an immediate refund or exchange.

It’s definitely their problem that you paid £300 for a pair of waterproof trousers that turned out not to be.

Yeah bit of a shitter there mate… Take them back to the shop you got them from and spit your dummy out. Get them to give you a credit note refund then get some different brand of trou!

Its all about cheap and cheerful… They only need to last once and they always do. As long as its got the EC approved stuff in it and not some polystyrene I’m happy. My ‘RSR’ gear done really well at 50mph down the road. So well, I was on eBay scouting for exactly the same pair. In fact the jacket is ready for round 2 (touch wood there isn’t a round 2). Oh yeah I’ve never had water leaking down my leg from my £22 second hand bike trousers, or my phone getting drowned. A Nikwax wash every year and a top up with the spray every 2-3 months and its good as gold. Moral of the story don’t assume £300 means the best around