HEL or Goodridge? Coloured or Stainless.

Gonna do the Braided lines on my Bike hopefully next week, Torn Between HEL or Goodridge and also whether to colour match them to the Bike or whether to just go with Stainless ones.

Whats peoples opinions on quality difffferences between HEL & Goodridge?

The colour choice i know is personal opinion so will decide that once i decide on the make

You’ll be asking for engine oil recommendations next :w00t:

Whichever brand, ensure you get stainless banjo bolts and hose ends rather than mild steel that will corrode.

I fit Goodridge personally.

lol, I’m not that bad am i???

I only ask cos all the top racing teams use either HEL or Goodridge, but Goodridge are more expensive for my Bike, is it a case of you get what you pay for? or are they too closely matched?

If I were a gambling man I’d wager the camps are equally divided on the two brands. Note too, some price discrepancies between comparable products will reflect the demand for a particular application rather than quality.

Personally I think you’ll be better off with a Winter brake service and replacing the fluid but if the little voices are whispering ‘braided lines’ HEL might be the way to go.

i was gonna do the brake service at the same time, all new fluid front and rear, new pads front and rear and i just thought “Why not do the lines too”? The Hel ones come in Pretty Orange to match my Bike :smiley:

is it the exact same shade of orange though? any difference in it will look pants

It’s not exact but it is pretty dam close, you have to really look hard to spot it, I have an Off cut HEL sent me as a colour match so i’m quite happy with the match.


The real question is why do the lines at the same time?

Everyone does that and then they bleat on about what a noticeable difference the braided lines make, when the truth is the that the vast majority of the increased braking performance was probably had from replacing the stale brake fluid and glazed pads. Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here, braided lines offer increased performance, however, to actually notice that increased performance you’d need to be an accomplished track rider, on a track with a certain level of experience.

I bought a custom HEL line recently, and the quality is top-notch. The kits comes complete with copper washers and banjo bolts, and the banjos themselves look like they are stainless steel to me.

It’s ok, I’m more than happy with the stopping power of my Brakes. I know that when the fluid and pads are done the brakes will be Awesome. The lines are just an Aesthetical thing really, I’m really shallow and looks mean a lot to me! lol

it would have been easier to type im from Romford & an Ex Audi Driver

speaks volumes

It’s the whispering voices :ermm:

Nothing wrong in that, at least your honest about it.


I went HEL black lines with gold banjos - the gold colour has faded over 3 years on some of them, so they look more silver now.

£60 gets you full length front and rear HEL lines. No contest.

I went with the Orange colour Coded ones and they look pretty good