Heine Gericke Gants Hill - SHAME

Today, I arranged to meet a mate at HG in Gants Hill to go for a spin.
And since I was there I decided to buy some Tech -wash for my textiles as I’ve run out. Upon entry to the shop I greeted the two girls who were on the other side of the counter watching telly. One of them registered me and greeted back but the manager of the store showed no recognition. My mate who was standing right next to the girls asked if we were ready to go I said let me buy some stuff first. So I leant on the counter looking at the products I was intending to buy and waited to be served. My mate waited to see something happen but neither of the staff members moved from the telly in order to serve me ( I am sure they heard what said ) so mate asked “sales assistant?” twice but no reaction. So grabbed my lid and gloves, and said See you later and walked out.

I am not particularly impressed with this kind of customer service. Looks like I will be buying my stuff elswhere from now on. :angry:

Apparently you left before they got to serve you, in such a manner that they thought you were coming back into the store.

One of the reasons we never had the TV on in the stores I worked in was because it was too distracting, and it’s not good that they didn’t get to you sooner, but on the other hand, you’re a regular and in my experience of dealing with you, you normally hang around and browse / chat.

You know both Kitty and Diana, so why not just say to them that you were heading out, and you wanted the wash rather than get into a huff about it and walk out.

I can see both sides here, and it’s not right how things happened, but I do think they didn’t intentionally ignore you.

Apparently I left before they got to serve me? Neither of them moved even after my friend asked for “sales assistant” twice :w00t: they were fixated on the telly and the fact that they thought I was coming back was because they didn’t even hear me say “see yous later” which usually means that im not coming back. If I was coming back I would be saying “back in a bit” or “see you in a bit”. Anyway it made me feel uncomfortable, as if I wasn’t welcome in the store :ermm:

ive always had good service at the gants hill branch

me too, for the past four years I’ve been going there I never had a bad word about them, I was always dealt with promptly and in a friendly manner, whether I had an enquiry or any warranty issues…dup until this time which is a shame :frowning:

Its ok Luvvie get your techwash from where i told you… tis a lot cheaper and you won’t get ignored in there :wink:

yep, will do waspie, see you tomorrow xxxxx

Sports Direct were randomly doing the litre bottles really cheap last time I looked…

How dare you interrupt the televisual experience, much more important than a customer, lol

those were the thoughts in my head as I walked out lol :smiley:

There’s a reason I order online, no sales assistants to deal with :slight_smile:

Maybe we should tell people on the doll to work at Heine Gericke Gants Hill as they can still watch day time telly and be employed… Lets do our bit for the UK economy.

My best mate works is a top boy at HG in North Yorkshire, This has been seen and noted by him :wink:

Weren’t Kitty again by any chance was it?

you could have least got em a cup of tea too!

Oh, how rude of me not having thought about that :w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always found the service & staff in HG shops to be very good.

Their online ‘service’ however is probably the worst I’ve ever had the misfortune to have to deal with. I sincerely doubt there’s a spot of on this green earth with anything approaching the fucktard population density that exists within their Harrogate HQ.

HG staff are very hit and miss in my opinion - it depends where you go & who you get, they are either brilliant or totally useless. (And you just think you found a good shop & then all the staff move round).

as far as im aware theres no tv at gants hill so this all seems a bit far fetched

they don’t have the telly on display, they brought it out and put it on the counter and switched it on to watch MotoGP…

Hmmmm you obviously don’t visit them on a sunday…:Whistling: