Hein Gericke Welling

just so ya all aware hein gericke welling is under new managment by paul from the stockwell store as from today !:wink:

Never been to Welling so don’t know what it’s like, but the people from the Stockwell store are very friendly and helpful I have found, particularly the young chap with dark hair, who went out of his way to assist and advise me when I was buying various items.

So I am sure it will be well managed!


Now perhaps the Welling branch will get it’s act together.

Previously never friendly, and never helpfull.

Must admit I use it quite a lot and have always found the staff very helpful:) always used to get a cupa too when ‘on the back wheel’ was there. was in there last thursday only thing wrong was no LB discount.

I’ve been in there a few times and I’ve always found them pretty helpful & cheerful - dont know anyone by name in there but never had a problem.

I don’t know anyone at Welling before Paul got there but Paul is a proper sweetheart and a personal friend, so I know things will change there and he will turn it around in no time! :slight_smile:

The only time Ive been there is to pick up one of Phil Seton’s bikes after an open day with racer Josh Wainwright. There is a good caff opposite too and the pie and mash shop is only round the corner :wink:

I only spoke as I found.

Been in the Welling branch twice and came out empty handed both times as the staff were unfriendly and unhelpfull.

Stockwell branch on the other hand was great, so pehaps I’ll try Welling again now.

Wheres Welling :hehe:

Welling is a mission :stuck_out_tongue: I use the one in redbridge… is it bigger?

Wheres Welling?

Stacey You look too young to need to know information like that and you’re better off not knowing.

Amongst we reasonably well bread and educated types, it’s known as a “shithole”.

oh lol ok i will steer clear !!


i hear theres alot of shame

i might go check out the slough george white… heard its quite cheap :smiley:

Where is Slough lol ??

hahaha to be honest no idea… all i know is that its west of london… i was going to follow my mate haaha

i take it u get lost alot…(i do :frowning: )
i need to invest in a sat nav lol

Ed would u like me to take u pillion so we can get there faster :wink:

lol ull have to pick me up… and how am i suppose 2 get home?

LOL i am the worst person ever to find my way around, though it is pretty impressive i think i manage to get myself to the Ace when i live all the way over in Surrey

Walk? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Im kidding :stuck_out_tongue: I can take u home… ur not that far lol

What store has the old manager gone to so I can avoid it?

Been welling a few times. The only person I found unhelpful was the manager.

Follow your nose instead…You can’t miss Slough :sick: